Look Who's Dancing is a new concept that brings dance, exercise, fitness and fun to people of all walks of life.  It is unique because we focus on the groups that are often overlooked in the dance and fitness communities.  These populations include:

  • Physical Challenges
  • Cognitive Challenges
  • Behavioral Health Issues
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Weight Challenges
  • Aging Challenges

Our dance and exercise programs can be modified to fit the needs of any group and there are virtually no limits on who can participate in this fun and rewarding activity.

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What We Do

A Unique Dance and Exercise Program for All Ages and Abilities 

Dance, Fitness and Fun!

After speaking with people at several special needs and nursing facilities, we realized that there were not any dance or exercise programs directed specifically toward our target audiences.  Having over 40 combined years of nursing experience, we fully understand the physical capabilities of the special needs and geriatric population. These programs are designed with the flexibility to adapt to each client's specific needs.  Our program takes into consideration the physical abilities of all our clients and make it a priority to involve our participants in not only a safe, but fun and invigorating experience.

Our mission is to preserve and improve the health and well-being of these underserved populations through dance and exercise, in an atmosphere where fitness is fun!

How Our Clients Benefit 

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